Nervous Passenger – “Over This”

on October 22, 2013

“Over This”

The crisp song structure in the first 30 seconds of “Over This” might trick the listener into believing the track is anything but the torrential algebraic downpour that Nervous Passenger keeps getting better at.

One of a deluge of math rock bands currently active in Chicago, the three piece group is affiliated with the city’s own Swerp Records, which, along with supporting similar acts, once hosted a number of well-attended shows in the form of “Swerp Mansion,” a raw DIY space and well-kept secret. Though having since been forced to close its doors over the summer, the venue’s energy lives on elsewhere within city limits.

“Over This” appears on a split 7″ record with the Island of Misfit Toys, also from Chicago, from whom the entire four-song collection is now available as a free download.