Deserters – “Landslide”

on May 9, 2012


“[Deserters’ song] ‘Landslide’ is possibly the pinnacle of Weird Weather,” said Jason Radford in his recent album review on Pop’ stache. Who could resist its smooth harmonies, rolling drum beat and charming melody? After a few listens, the track will definitely find a place in your pre-summer mix. It’s sunny, nostalgic and catchy.

Grab the entire six-track Weird Weather EP at Deserters’ Bandcamp page.

  • Llvann

    Your downloads often don’t work lately, as is the case with this one. 🙁   However, you did convince me to go to bandcamp and buy it.

    • Tom

      Hey Llvann, I’m glad you like the track! As far as downloading goes, have you tried right clicking and hitting “Save link as…”? 

  • Llvann

    Of course I have tried that! But when the save window opens, it does not show an mp3 or the like, but “all files”. My experience is, that there is no point in saving something that. It shows up on my computer as a your web page. That’s using Internet Explorer. I used to be able to download from popstache using Google Chrome, but I am not able to download with that browser either on days when I can’t download using IE. I’ve been unable to download May 8 – May 10. I’m using Windows 7, 64 bit. (Sometimes a google search will find the same track available on another page.) Thanks for your time.