BJ The Chicago Kid – “His Pain” ft. Kendrick Lamar

on January 27, 2012

His Pain ft. Kendrick Lamar

“His Pain” is officially a BJ The Chicago Kid track, but the first half is basically Kendrick Lamar’s. Over a jazzy piano and upright bass, Lamar delivers a soulful and emotional rap, narrating a struggle to understand why his character, someone who makes immoral decisions, can be so blessed and at the same time see misfortunes happening to everyone around him. You’ll hear his pain while his voice cracks and strains, struggling to get through his verses, as if he’s on the verge of breaking down.

At two minutes and forty-five seconds, BJ The Chicago Kid gets his chance to show everyone why this is his song, stepping up to the plate with crisp soul-saturated vocals and impeccable lyricism. Some drums drop in a little after three minutes and for a moment the track takes off, eventually slowing down into a smooth warm finish.

“His Pain” is taken from BJ The Chicago Kid’s Pineapple Now-Laters mixtape, which is set to release Valentines Day.