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Sleigh Bells’ ‘Born to Lose’ Tells It Like It Is

written by: on February 4, 2012

After the release of their sugary Treats debut, nobody could doubt Sleigh Bells’ ability to grab hold of your attention and violently shake your eardrums with their pop loudness. But if the question remained in Treats as to whether the duo was leaning toward a rock-heavy output or a more bruising fill of crafted samples, the answer lies in their forthcoming Reign of Terror.

The Brooklyn duo has returned with a taste of what to expect in their sophomore album and, as per usual, it’s hard to miss. “Born to Lose” is full of turbulent beats and distorted guitars that audibly challenge and facilitate Alexis Krauss’ soft melodies, not to mention your speakers’ volume capacity.

Speaking truth to those who’ve despairingly removed themselves from our lives at the most inconvenient times, “Born to Lose” lyrically serves as a solid “fuck you.” The lyrics hold no shame in exploiting losers worldwide for their true dark shades and inexplainable motives as they repeatedly reiterate, “You were born to lose.”

But since Sleigh Bells largely function on the duo’s ability to create noisy arrangements, the song’s instrumental aspects deem themselves worthy of volume and appreciation.

A carefully arranged adrenaline rush, “Born to Lose” showcases Derek Miller’s penchant for guitar precision and torque. His former work with the heavy stylings of Poison the Well cannot help but spread itself throughout Sleigh Bells’ palette, and Miller’s decision to focus on guitar riffs in the upcoming album does not pass unnoticed in the single. A consistent slamming riff and subsequent beat carries the song from start to finish, but Miller’s intro and later bridge are unmistakably distorted. Not only do they add dimension to the song, but they also supply Krauss’ vocals with a hardy tempo to whisper over.

“Born to Lose” is certainly a track that’ll have the neighbors pleading to turn it down. With such a pervasive assault to the eardrums, Sleigh Bells’ Reign of Terror will be rock-ready and louder than anything the band has put forth thus far. And rightfully so. In an industry so muddled with catchy pop tunes and experimental weirdness, Sleigh Bells sets themselves apart with intense noise and effort.

Get ready; Reign of Terror drops Feb. 21, and it’s undoubtably going to demand your utmost attention.