Why Everyone Must ‘Sell Out’

written by: Wes Jakacki on May 18, 2012

From Neil Young singing about how selling his music for a product (Pepsi, Coke, Miller, Bud) would make him a joke to The Who parodying the concept of selling music to big business (The Who Sell Out), marrying music with commercialism used to be absolute rock ‘n’ roll taboo. Over time, things have no doubt […]

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manly Lady Gaga

American Idolatry: ‘Talent’ Shows Lack Talent

written by: Alex Peak on March 14, 2012

Apparently, long gone are the days of demo tapes, aspirations, creating a fan base and undergoing back-breaking work to get your foot in the door. Instead, any talentless bloke is welcomed into an audition room to face scrutiny from a panel of has-been celebrity artists (think William Hung singing “She Bangs”). This international fascination with […]

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