Chicago band White Mystery portrait

Chicago Cherry Popper: White Mystery

written by: Aaron Pylinski on February 9, 2011

Though their motif may be geared around their loud red fros and steady, simple punk sound, White Mystery is in their own right a staple of the Chicago music scene.

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Joyce Manor: Short and Bitter

written by: David B. Anthony on February 7, 2011

By mixing Weezer’s best material with the chaotic aggression of Eternal Cowboy-era Against Me!, Joyce Manor has carved out a sound that makes it catchy without hesitation.

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Smith Westerns portrait by the pier

Smith Westerns: Young Guns

written by: Tyler Remmert on January 31, 2011

Chicago quartet The Smith Westerns are a rag-tag band of youngsters who have their gimmick and an amazing record to back themselves up. Dye It Blonde is remarkably consistent, earwormingly catchy and filled with enough retro-fitted parts to seem bone-shakingly cool and technically proficient at the same time.

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Gauntlet Hair portrait
VulGarrity - portrait by Hilda Yulfo crop
Old Fake press photo in the water

Old Fake Emulates Old Style

written by: Emi Peters on November 2, 2010

Chicago-based band Old Fake knows the definition of “rock,” and they define it with an energetic stage presence.

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