Daniel Pujol Nashville Band guitar portrait

PUJOL releases video for “Black Rabbit”

written by: Andy Keil on February 2, 2011

PUJOL is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists of the year. We released a free download of “Too Safe” a while back which had Jack White manning the boards. Now we bring to you the video for “Black Rabbit.” A nice mix of southern rock and garage punk, there’s plenty to love from one […]

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New Toro y Moi track

written by: Matt Flint on February 1, 2011

If hip disco is the new chill wave for 2011, then I am 100% on board! The tunes we have heard from the upcoming Toro y Moi record Underneath the Pine are pointing to this being the case. The newest track to come out – first via leaks, then via Carpark records officially – is […]

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New Fleet Foxes Song and Record

written by: Matt Flint on January 31, 2011

If you’ve been putting “White Winter Hymnal” on repeat during these cold months (because…you have), it has probably not only served the purpose of helping you cope with the bitter temperatures, but has probably also gotten you super giddy about the possibility of a new Fleet Foxes record. Well, hey! Today is your lucky day, […]

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Pop 'stache mobile on the iphone

Pop ‘stache is Mobile

written by: Pop's 'stache on January 31, 2011

Here at Pop ‘stache, we’re addicted to giving you the best user experience possible. To meet that goal, we upgrade parts of our site at least once a week in and attempt to be the classiest music site that you frequent. Somewhere between Pop ‘stache version 1.0 and our recent 1.1 upgrade, we launched a […]

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Ariel Pink singing live

Aww! Kids Singing Ariel Pink

written by: Matt Flint on January 28, 2011

I wish I had gone to some kind of really hip elementary school. It’s cool that public schools are doing cool, artistically challenging things for kids. This group of kids at PS22 have done it again. This time interpreting “Round and Round” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. I was trying to decide which one of […]

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Wilco: The Record Label

written by: Matt Flint on January 27, 2011

Once you kind of perfect one thing, it seems natural to move on to take over the step above that. Actors want to become directors, etc. So now that Wilco have said “We got this recording album business down,” (probably not an exact quote) they have decided to start their own record label. Voila! dBpm […]

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Braid Releasing New Music

written by: Matt Flint on January 26, 2011

I’d say one of the key tenets of emo music was always nostalgia. So what better time to begin releasing new emo music than now, when you are nostalgic for the old days of great emo music? Well apparently Braid are longing for the good old days, as they have announced they will studio next […]

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Reznor Gets Oscor Nominated

written by: Matt Flint on January 25, 2011

I hope Trent Reznor wins an Oscar. Wouldn’t it be cool and kind of a big “fuck you” to the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? A guy who once proclaimed “I wanna fuck you like an animal,” and wore leather pants and made some seriously revolutionary tunes could receive that golden statue […]

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Sleigh Bells get Diplo-ed

written by: Matt Flint on January 24, 2011

Is it weird to be over Sleigh Bells because of how ubiquitous they’ve become, but love Beyonce for being even more-so? Apparently this cut-up version of “Tell ‘Em” that Diplo made came after being in the studio with Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller trying to produce new jams for Beyonce to sing over. Think about that! […]

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Fire at Paul’s Boutique

written by: Matt Flint on January 21, 2011

The building on the cover of the Beastie Boys’ iconic album Paul’s Boutique caught fire last night. Located at Rivington and Ludlow streets in lower Manhattan, last night’s fire is still from unknown causes. Although no longer Paul’s Boutique (or any boutique – the building is now home to a restaurant called The Three Monkeys), it […]

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Wish Daniel Johnston a Happy Birthday

written by: Matt Flint on January 20, 2011

Daniel Johnston is turning 50! It’s exciting to see cool, revolutionary and genuinely weird people continue to make art beyond their 20s. To join in the celebration, you can call Daniel up and wish him a happy birthday! According to BrooklynVegan: “Call (936) 463-4688 now to hear a message from Daniel and to record your greeting. People […]

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