Kalle Mattson - Lives In Between EP album cover

Kalle Mattson – “Water Falls”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 8, 2012

Kalle Mattson – Water Falls Kalle Mattson‘s song “Water Falls” should help relieve some, if not all of your stress, even if it is for only a moment. The song’s simple melody and repetitive lyrics drive it forward through a light cloud of distorted guitars and crisp drums. While the statement an artists makes with his or her song will always […]

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Lightouts - The Big Picture album cover

Lightouts – “Stray Boy”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 7, 2012

Stray Boy It should be pretty easy to pick out Lightouts‘ two main influences, The Cure and Guided By Voices, on its new track “Stray Boy.” Gavin Rhodes and Greg Nelson, the Gowanus-based duo, are clearly obsessed with music from the early ‘90s and maybe even more so The Cure’s Robert Smith. Rhodes actually began and ended his search […]

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Bogan Via - Kanye album cover

Bogan Via – “Kanye”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 5, 2012

Kanye Unfortunately, aside from sharing a name, Bogan Via’s new track “Kanye” doesn’t seem to directly relate to Mr. West. Phoenix-based duo, Madeleine Miller and Bret Bender, instead sing about struggling to decide which path to take in life. The sly beat and relentless staccato synths deviously chug along, letting the narrator know time will not wait. The vocals on this […]

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Los Campesinos! - Tiptoe Through the True Bits album cover

Los Campesinos! – “Tiptoe Through the True Bits”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 1, 2012

Tiptoe Through the True Bits Los Campesinos!’s newly released track “Tiptoe Through the True Bits” was recorded during the same session as the band’s 2011 release, Hellow Sadness. “[The song] acts as an appropriate bookend to what happens within Hello Sadness, both musically and personally,” says lead singer Gareth. Does this mean Los Campesinos! is at a point where it will finally […]

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Cruiser - Cruiser EP album cover

Cruiser – “Moving to Neptune”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 31, 2012

Moving To Neptune Cruiser is a new bedroom beach-pop project from Philadelphia native Andy States. Jeremy Park, producer behind Youth Lagoon’s debut album Year of Hibernation, somehow got ahold of State’s self recorded demos and decided to help him out by producing Cruiser’s self-titled debut EP. “Moving to Neptune,” which is the EP’s final track, is pure bottled sunlight. Yes, kind of like Sunny […]

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Me and My Drummer - You're a Runner album cover

Me and My Drummer – “You’re a Runner”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 30, 2012

You’re a Runner Singer Charlotte Brandi and drummer Matze Pröllochs make up the German indie-pop duo Me and My Drummer. Much like bands Nikki and The Dove and Florence and the Machine, these two are skilled at creating the dramatic, probably spawning from their background in theater. The song “You’re a Runner” is the Me and […]

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Hollis Brown - Nothing and The Famous No One album cover

Hollis Brown – “Ride On The Train”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 29, 2012

Ride On The Train On NYC band Hollis Brown‘s track “Ride On The Train,” the raw, soulful and timeless sound of Americana is perfectly captured. If you enjoy listening to the band Delta Spirit, it will be easy to welcome it into your collection. The group’s recently released EP, Nothing & The Famous No One, was recorded live […]

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Holograms - Chasing My Mind album cover

Holograms – “Chasing My Mind”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 25, 2012

Chasing My Mind During its first five seconds, before a snare drum snaps it into place, this track will sound a lot like it was lost from MGMT’s debut album Oracular Spectacular. Holograms song’ “Chasing My Mind” layers an audacious punk melody and guitar with a manic synthesizer, which ends up creating a frantic chase scene […]

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Destroy This Place​​/Hospital Garden Split 7 inch album cover

Hospital Garden – “Magnified”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 23, 2012

Magnified Last week, we shared Destroy This Place’s new track “We Never Learn,” which is part of a split 7″ with the Chicago band Hospital Garden. On June 8th, the two bands will host a free release show at Cole’s in Chicago. Definitely mark it in your calendars if you haven’t already. The track “Magnified” is […]

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Adventure Galley - Weekend Lovers album cover

Adventure Galley – “Weekend Lovers”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 22, 2012

Weekend Lovers Young indie hearts rejoice! Adventure Galley’s new track “Weekend Lovers” just might be the summer jam you have been waiting for. These six dudes from Portland have a combined Joy Division and Arcade Fire vibe to them. You’ve got to love the faced paced drums and shouts. More than anything, this track will make […]

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The Dig - Midnight Flowers album cover

The Dig – “I Already Forgot Everything You Said”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 21, 2012

I Already Forgot Everything You Said Next Tuesday, May 29th, New York band The Dig will release its sophomore album Midnight Flowers. There is a release show at Schubas in Chicago on May 31st, and you’ll want to check these guys out after listening to the band’s new single, “I Already Forgot Everything You Said.”

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ANTHM - Polaris ft. Blu album cover

ANTHM – “Polaris” ft. Blu

written by: Tom Crawford on May 17, 2012

Polaris ft. Blu On ANTHM’s new track “Polaris,” which opens with a beautiful and emotive sample of James Vincent McMorrow’s “If I Had a Boat,” ANTHM and Blu take a couple verses to appreciate their shine and all the hard work it took to obtain it. The smooth and celestial production creates an even nicer retrospective […]

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