Beach House - Bloom album cover
Beach House - Bloom album cover

Midway Roundup: Our 2012 Favorites So Far

written by: Pop Staff on July 11, 2012

Having reached the halfway point in the year, our writers have compiled a short list of their favorite albums of 2012 so far. We highly recommend you visit or revisit these 15 releases.

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Tom Gabel of Against Me! to Become Laura Jean Grace

written by: Pop Staff on May 11, 2012

Against Me! singer, Tom Gabel, came out as transgender to Rolling Stone earlier this week. After battling with gender dysphoria for years, Gable announced she will take on the name Laura Jane Grace and will begin taking hormones and undergo electrolysis to transition. According to Rolling Stone Gabel only told family and close friends about her […]

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James Mercer Debuts New Track from The Shins

written by: Pop Staff on February 9, 2012

The Shins’ James Mercer stopped by a San Diego radio station to play an acoustic set, including a track off the new album from The Shins, Port of Morrow. 91X hosted Mercer’s four song jam with “It’s Only Life” and “Simple Song” off the to-be released record, Port of Morrow. The other tunes were the […]

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