Songs To Melt Winter Away

written by: Matthew Levine on January 17, 2013

To keep your spirit motivated and suicide-evasive during these darker times of the year, here’s a list of upbeat and catchy tracks to kindle and coax your inner self’s flame.

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Teen Daze – The Inner Mansions

written by: Matthew Levine on November 19, 2012

Drawing inspiration from the literary work A Life of Prayer by St. Teresa of Avila, The Inner Mansions delves into the artist’s psyche

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Andrew Bird – Hands of Glory

written by: Matthew Levine on October 30, 2012

Serving as a companion piece to the well-received, experimental Break It Yourself released earlier this year, the new album continues with tracks that embrace folksy melodies infused with a country-western feel.

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Tamaryn - Tender New Signs LP album cover

Tamaryn – Tender New Signs

written by: Matthew Levine on October 16, 2012

Tamaryn continues its unconventionally-crafted dream pop sound, bringing its listeners’ heads up into the clouds to sit while the world spins ’round.

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