J. Cole – Born Sinner

written by: Elyssa Czynski on July 12, 2013

“It’s way darker this time,” says J. Cole before one of the several self-produced beats kicks in. This album, Born Sinner, is indeed darker than his previous work; J. Cole addresses his own music career and ascent in the rap community through a religious framework, touching most explicitly upon womanizing and money. In the opening track, “Villuminati,”J. Cole […]

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Beach Day – Trip Trap Attack

written by: Elyssa Czynski on July 4, 2013

Trip Trap Attack opens with a giggle and echoed percussion before the introduction of the remaining instrumentation and vocals. The debut album from Beach Day possesses a lo-fi, surfer-esque vibe reminiscent of a Californian summer night. The trio from Florida consists of lead vocals/guitarist Kimmy Drake, vocals/bassist Nathalie Smallish, and drummer Skyler Black. Trip Trap […]

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Bronze Radio Return – Up, On & Over

written by: Elyssa Czynski on July 2, 2013

“Up, On & Over,” the title track on the third album from Bronze Radio Return, sets an upbeat tone that is carried throughout each track. The sextet from Hartford, Conn. produced an LP rich with percussion and accents from guitar, harmonica, and banjo. Up, On & Over is particularly melodic, transporting the listener to the […]

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Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off

written by: Elyssa Czynski on June 19, 2013

Watching Movies With The Sound Off is the second LP and surprisingly intimate effort from 21 year-old rapper Mac Miller; he addresses everything from the death of a childhood friend on “REMember” to life’s larger questions on “Avian.” Miller still includes some women and weed songs, but he is clearly using this album to be more […]

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