Returning to In My Tribe: 10,000 Maniacs’ Best Record

written by: Craig Bechtel on September 28, 2011

It’s their best, end to end, despite the folksy passion of The Wishing Chair, the dark, brooding intensity of Blind Man’s Zoo, or the pop confections included on their final proper album, Our Time In Eden.

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Mogwai – Earth Division

written by: Craig Bechtel on September 23, 2011

Perhaps with the Earth Division EP, Mogwai are demarcating a division from their previous work and their future direction.

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Hella – Tripper

written by: Craig Bechtel on September 15, 2011

It’s a legitimate question to ask if anything new can be done with guitar and drums. Until the answer to that question can be found, there’s some Hella good rockin’ to be had on Tripper.

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Ganglians – Still Living

written by: Craig Bechtel on September 1, 2011

For those hoping to discover that great lost demo from The Mighty Lemon Drops or a rare 7-inch single from The Pastels that no one has heard.

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Meet The ‘New’ Radio Boss—Same As The Old Radio Boss

written by: Craig Bechtel on August 17, 2011

Now that nobody is selling records, at least not like they used to, in the age of file sharing and music ripping, is it possible that not just alternative music, but all music radio will go extinct as well on the FM dial?

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Patient Group Creates Music for Patient People

written by: Craig Bechtel on August 6, 2011

“For this album we’re focusing on stuff that is slow, and I dare you to not fall asleep,” Frontman Ryan Brewer dares listeners about Good Night & Good Morning’s album in the works.

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The Horrors - Skying album cover

The Horrors – Skying

written by: Craig Bechtel on July 20, 2011

The overall affect of the sound is far sweeter than one might anticipate from an ensemble calling themselves The Horrors.

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Where’d the band go?

written by: Craig Bechtel on July 9, 2011

You bought your tickets and/or made your plans.  You and your friends were psyched to see the show. Then, mysteriously, only a week or two before the show, the concert is cancelled.  Refunds available at point of purchase.  Find something else to do with that night you had already made plans with your show-going buddies. […]

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Liturgy – Aesthetica

written by: Craig Bechtel on July 8, 2011

When breakneck speed is the only constant, whiplash is a real and lasting threat.

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