Dikembe – Mediumship

written by: Ben Kowalski on August 4, 2014

The album artwork may resemble an LSD-soaked version of Where The Wild Things Are, but Mediumship, the second LP from Florida rock quartet Dikembe, is neither hallucinogenic, nor wild. Instead, it exists somewhere in between, where grunge feels invigorating again and overplayed groups like Nirvana and Mudhoney do more influencing than genre-defining. Dikembe breathes new […]

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Woman’s Hour – Conversations

written by: Ben Kowalski on July 20, 2014

When singer Fiona Burgess began naming her London-based electro-pop quartet’s demos after various BBC Radio programs, she didn’t expect Woman’s Hour to become the official band name. In fact, unexpectedness and relentless unorthodoxy define both Burgess’ writing and her group’s debut LP Conversations. With highly emotive lyrics, innovative songwriting, and monochrome performance art-inspired music videos, […]

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Conveyor – Prime

written by: Ben Kowalski on July 14, 2014

Conspiracy theorists often obsess over the link between modern music and fantasy film, but Brooklyn art rock quartet Conveyor cements that link with its sophomore studio album Prime. Composed and recorded as an original score for George Lucas’ directorial debut THX 1138 (1971), Prime plays its role as a  score with sharp attention to the […]

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PS I Love You – For Those Who Stay

written by: Ben Kowalski on July 3, 2014

In only 9 tracks, Ontario-based indie punk duo PS I Love You, consisting of singer/guitarist Paul Saulnier and drummer Benjamin Nelson, rifles through a plethora of moods and atmospheres without employing lengthy lyrics or relying on flashy instrumentation. On its third LP For Those Who Stay, PSILY takes a stance for minimalism in experimental, jam-based […]

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Old Crow Medicine Show – Remedy

written by: Ben Kowalski on June 24, 2014

While its members are clearly talented musicians, Virginia country group Old Crow Medicine Show delivers an astoundingly accurate caricature of unintelligent, hillbilly country music with its fifth album, Remedy. The record is sure to please country fans, as it contains all of the genre’s usual elements: banjo, fiddle, hit-or-miss harmonica, resonator guitar, and stand-up bass, […]

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Unicycle Loves You – The Dead Age

written by: Ben Kowalski on June 20, 2014

Punk isn’t dead, but it’s bored out of its mind. Brooklyn trio Unicycle Loves You promises a peculiar record in its fourth LP The Dead Age with quirky song titles like “Suicide Pizza” and “Endless Bummer,” but delivers little more than predictable, mediocre punk rock. The album artwork depicts a seagull-littered beach, neon pink and green cursive font, […]

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Jack White – Lazaretto

written by: Ben Kowalski on June 9, 2014

“I wanna cut out my tongue and let you hold onto it for me/’cause without my skill to amplify my sounds, it might get boring,” Jack White flatly warns on the thrillingly dark “That Black Bat Licorice.” Luckily, not a moment of his sophomore solo LP Lazaretto gets boring. When White toured his 2012 solo […]

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The Peach Kings – Mojo Thunder

written by: Ben Kowalski on June 3, 2014

Los Angeles blues rock duo the Peach Kings blend thick, loud guitars with soft, eerie vocals on their new EP, Mojo Thunder. Guitarist Steven Trezevant Dies’ deliberate, driving riffs set a solid, though often bland, foundation for Paige McClain Wood’s chronically breathy, anti-melodic vocals and vapid lyrics. The Peach Kings achieve a dark, bluesy mood that […]

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First Aid Kit – Stay Gold

written by: Ben Kowalski on May 27, 2014

Folk duo First Aid Kit holds nothing back in showing off its new, glossy production style on its third album, Stay Gold. The duo, consisting of sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg, brings its autobiographical storytelling and thought-provoking bluntness back to the table, but this time with pop sensibilities, razor-sharp production value, and a slew of […]

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Stone Cold Fox – Memory Palace

written by: Ben Kowalski on May 18, 2014

On its debut LP Memory Palace, indie rock band Stone Cold Fox creates a sound that is both cohesive and varied. Memory Palace has a largely upbeat feel, broken up by a handful of retrospective moments. Infusing poppy rock songs with introspective storytelling, the band sounds like a Bob Dylan-fronted version of the Killers. It injects indie […]

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Sick Hyenas – Sick Hyenas

written by: Ben Kowalski on May 15, 2014

On their first American release, Hamburg, Germany-based punk band Sick Hyenas serves up 11 short and hard-hitting tunes that could collectively serve as a recap of American punk’s common themes, sounds, and attitudes. While their songs are similar enough to create a sense of community, the band may take that concept a bit too far […]

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