Chris Brown’s Controversy

written by: Abby Johnston on February 22, 2012

As I begin, I must be forthright about something: Initially, I saw nothing wrong with the choice to include performances from R&B artist Chris Brown at the Grammys.

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Tennis – Young & Old

written by: Abby Johnston on February 2, 2012

Tennis has managed to keep the elements that endeared them so readily to audiences, but altered their sand-and-sun elations enough to remain relevant.

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The Festival Grinch

written by: Abby Johnston on October 3, 2011

Nothing shuts down a city like a festival, especially when it’s based at the epicenter of your weekend aspirations.

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WU LYF – Go Tell Fire to the Mountain

written by: Abby Johnston on July 18, 2011

Until WU LYF can step away from the box they’ve created for themselves and relax into their music as they did for glimmering moments on Go Tell Fire, they will continue to leave audiences wanting more, but at this point it seems like something Wu Lyf is unprepared to give.

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Country Mice – Twister

written by: Abby Johnston on May 12, 2011

Strung together by sincerity, Country Mice is still trying to find its sweet spot, but it can hardly be blamed for the search in between.

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Grandaddy Captures Y2K Zeigeist

written by: Abby Johnston on May 2, 2011

While Grandaddy’s disenchanted view of technology has not come to fruition thus far, its intuition about the future of indie pop was dead-on.

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