Hooray For Earth covered Owen Pallett

Hooray For Earth have a new record out called True Loves. Owen Pallett is still touring off of his brilliant Heartland LP from last year, as well as releasing EPs galore containing remixes and root materials from the album. This cover of “Lewis Takes Action” is not on True Loves or any of Pallett’s releases, […]

Hooray For Earth – “No Love”

No Love Yay, Hooray For Earth! “No Love” is blowing our minds with it’s incredible wall of synths and catchy vocals. True Loves LP is dropping June 7th. We can’t wait!

Dpony – ‘Lessmi’

Lessmi Noel Heroux, frontman of Hooray For Earth, formed a new side project called Dpony. Other members include  Zambri drummer Seth Kasper, Josh Ascalon and Johnny Woods. The song “Lessmi” comes from the group’s recently released album, Movie. What makes this song so great is the production. Listen to how the growl of the bass synth […]