Video Premiere: Parrot Dream – “Sound & Light”

on April 30, 2015 Directed by:

You may recognize the theme park from Parrot Dream’s video for “Sound & Light”—it was the scene of the carnival from the movie Big. Here, though, the park is empty, snow-filled, and serene, and singer Christina Appel runs and dances through it in a kaleidoscopic haze.

A single from 2014’s Set Sail Someday EP, “Sound & Light” floats airily through its four and a half minutes, and the snowy landscape of the video brings out the coolness of its shimmering melody.

“In the video, we really wanted to convey this idea of searching, some kind of journey, and at times some kind of desperation in that search,” Appel says.

The band—which relocated to Brooklyn from Chile six months ago—is working on a follow-up to Set Sail Someday, to be released this year, and hopes to incorporate more of a raw, live sound. Until then, lay back and let the video for “Sound & Light” sweep you off to dreamland.