This Is Lorelei – “you (are) no prize i (am) boots off you (are) all postcards”

on June 4, 2015 Directed by: Zach Wilson, Teresa Von Hagen, and Nate Amos

There was a point in time at which music videos meant something. When production value wasn't just important, but critical. When a video's debut on TV meant monumental success or heartbreaking failure. When the music and the film had to be palatable for the general masses. When the craft was serious.

Here at Pop 'stache, we're pretty stoked we don't live in that world anymore. This Is Lorelei is one of Chicago's more eclectically experimental groups (which, let's be honest, is saying a lot), and this video compliments the sound well.

Shout out to the good people at Grandpa Bay, the label from which you can more jams of this ilk.