Cutest Kid Ever Parodies Kanye in Video for “Way Too Cold”

on April 23, 2012 Directed by: Ashley Smith

OK, this is just too perfect--unofficial video or not, this take on 'Ye's "Way Too Cold" (formerly "Theraflu") is something of a miracle. The clip checks off on all the expected Yeezy staples, with shots of Louis Vutton, curvaceous women and the usual avant-garde weirdness. What's different is that there's no Yeezy.

Potentially taking a note from all the instances in which Mr. West compares himself to a child ("Power", "See Me Now", every one of his Tweets ever) this video takes things literally with an adorable kid stand-in for 'Ye. Every lip-synced utterance of "CAN A YOUNG NIGGA GET MONEY ANYMORE??" and "I'LL MUHFUCKIN' EMBARRASS YOU" is hilariously hard-hitting and eerily spot on.

Did we mention the dance moves? This kid has enough swag to emasculate a room full of Kanyes. Stop reading and watch the video above.