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This Day in Music History: Wedding Bells are Tolling

written by: on March 20, 2012

On this day in music history wedding bells rang for many rock stars. Maybe the stars align or it is purely coincidental, but March 20th has been chalk full of musician weddings.

First, on March 20, 1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono get married. Due to legalities the location for the two to get married was tricky to find and the couple had failed to wed in Paris a few days earlier. They were finally successfully married at the Rock of Gibraltar in Spain. The details of which are poetically spun in “The Ballad of John and Yoko.”

A year later in 1970 David Bowie wed Mary Angela Barnett. Bowie and Barnett tied the knot in Kent, England. Together they had one son, Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones. David Bowie and Mary Angela Barnett divorced in 1980. You may know Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones as Duncan Jones, director of Moon starring Sam Rockwell and Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

In 1976 on March 20th Alice Cooper was hitched to ballerina Sheryl Goddard. The duo was married while on the Welcome to My Nightmare tour. Alice Cooper and Sheryl Goddard are still together and have three children.