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This Day in Music History: The Kingston Trio’s Brush with Death

written by: on March 13, 2012

On this day in music history the Kingston Trio survived a crash landing.

On Friday, March 13, 1959 the folk-pop trio was traveling through the mid-west on their North American tour. The Kingston Trio were one of the biggest bands in America having sold three million copies of their single “Tom Dooley.” While flying in a rented Twin Beach airplane the passengers and crew had to make an emergency crash landing. Fortunately the plane was able to successfully land in the field of a turkey farm in Goshen, Indiana. No passengers were injured.

The area of the crash landing was very close to the site of Buddy Holly’s crash. The Kingston Trio lived on to complete a very successful tour and career. Two days later on March 15th Bob Shane married Louis Brandon in Washington, DC. The Kingston Trio released their second live album, Stereo Concert, on March 16, 1959.