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Listen to This Fan-Made James Blake Live Album for Free

written by: on February 13, 2012

British Electronic Music Producer James Blake has put out quite a bit of material in the past two years. He’s released over 5 Ep’s and a wonderfully done self-titled debut album. With so much accomplished, Blake deserves some time off and instead of being put to the task of compiling a live album, a fan has beaten him to it.

Someone behind an unofficial Tumblr fan page has put the live album together. Once downloaded, the album shows the location of where the song was recorded. Check out the link to the free album and tracklist below.

James Blake is currently finishing up his tour with a Tibet House Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall.

Blake Live

James Blake Live Album Tracklist:

01. Unluck (Live)
02. The Wilhelm Scream (Live)
03. I Never Learnt To Share (Live)
04. Lindisfarne (Live)
05. Limit To Your Love (Live)
06. Give Me My Month (Live)
07. To Care (Like You) (Live)
08. Anti-War Dub (Live)
09. Klavierwerke (Live)
10. CMYK (Live)
11. Once We All Agree (Live)
12. A Case Of You (Live)
13. Enough Thunder (Live)
14. Love What Happened Here (Live)
15. Tep And The Logic (Live)