Stubble Vol. X

on May 14, 2015

Fingers. Toes. Cents in a dime. Pins in a strike. Years in a decade. Drummers drumming. -th Avenue Freeze-Out. Seconds to liftoff. Minutes to downtown. Things I Hate About About You. And now, joining their ranks: Stubble mixtapes.

Stubble Vol. X marks the tenth (count ’em!) regular installment of our beloved mixtape series, curated by music lovers unmatched in their dorkiness. Let us tell you, they’ve been an absolute joy to make, and we hope you love ’em just as much as we do. Here’s to ten more!

This tape’s stellar artwork comes courtesy of the esteemed and talented Lazzlo.

  1. Fatkid – “Badmomslapdaughtergoodmom”
  2. Vaguewaves – “No-sense”
  3. Ocean Glass – “Stumble”
  4. Etiquette – “Brown & Blue”
  5. Parallel Lines – “Demons”
  6. Cryogenics – “Cryogenics”
  7. Cafe Lanai – “Lanai”
  8. Cornstar Farmer’s Market Pornstar Coinstar – “Thunder the Table”
  9. Former New York Mayor – “Cottonmouth”
  10. Barking Cat – “Barely Missed”
  11. The Inventors – “Great Wall”
  12. Tiny Kingdoms – “Withered”