Stubble vol. VII

on October 9, 2014

Happy October! Our seventh installment in the Stubble mixtape series is here, so put down the pumpkin spice latte and press “play.” Foofy espresso beverages aside, there’s nothing basic about this playlist, which stretches the boundaries of genre in all its autumnal glory. And if this somehow doesn’t satisfy your jam urges, our MP3 section has tons of other stuff that’s well worth your time.

This tape’s stellar artwork is courtesy of the ever-talented Sean Mac.

  1. Young Jesus – “G”
  3. Pink Guys – “Venus Talk Trap”
  4. Arum Rae – “Waving Wild”
  5. Aaron Cooper – “Dreadful Red #2”
  6. James Tylers – “They Will Hate You”
  7. Carbon Tigers – “Out of Heaven”
  8. Ota Benga – “Ambiguity”
  9. Friendlys – “Rover”
  10. The Moses Gun – “A Shock of Blue”
  11. “Jawbreaker Reunion – “Tearing Down Posters”
  12. Norfik – “Floater”
  13. TheBulls – “Come Unwound”