Stubble vol. VI

on August 11, 2014

It’s been a while, huh? Well, worry not, because this edition of Pop ‘stache’s very own mixtape series is a real good’n. Seriously, we’re stoked to present Stubble vol. VI for your aural pleasure. Trust us, there’s something for everyone in here. And if you want more music, head over to our MP3 section, which is updated weekly.

Thanks to Kathleen at Boudwin Art for the sick artwork.

  1. M.A. Lee – “Summer Training (Throwback)”
  2. YAWN – “Flytrap”
  3. Johnny Foreigner – “Shipping”
  4. Is Paris Burning? – “Wild”
  5. thegreatvoid – “Shift Age”
  6. The Island of Misfit Toys – “Via Dino Compagni”
  7. ennui – “Summer of Love”
  8. Statures – “Days”
  9. The History of Apple Pie – “Tame”
  10. Lizards Have Personalities – “Mononoke”
  11. Sharpless – “Gemini”
  12. Rayleigh – “Archauthoritarians”
  13. brown shoe – “Circus”
  14. Stumble – “Theft Under a Thousand”
  15. SeaKings – “Where to Bury Your Parents”