on May 9, 2012


What the hell are we feeding these kids? (And where can we find some of what they’re eating?) Since we posted about 19-year-old Nick “Mister Lies” Zanca, he’s been signed to Lefse Records. And now, from Florida, 16-year-old Marcel Everett, aka producer XXYYXX, is making waves in the beatmaking world.

Don’t bother with labels; Everett has called his music everything from “Hopewave” to “Lovestep” on his Soundcloud page. On “TIED2U”, Everett eschews genre to create a genuine composition. Over the course of three celestial minutes, a honey-glazed refrain of “Everything’s a memory/ With string to tie to you” slowly unfurls across a sea of marching high hats and fluttering dub. Close your eyes while listening, and ascend to the Heavens.