Voli – “Sweet Sixteen”

on May 9, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

From the opening notes of “Sweet Sixteen”, it quickly becomes apparent that hip-hop wunderkind Voli likes to think outside the box. Gavida, Voli’s producer and guitarist, picks acoustic rhythms that owe as much to Marc Anthony as they do the pop-metal of Evanescence. (Yes, that Evanescence.)

Thematically, the ground Voli covers is well-treaded. In this tale, he’s a single-father heartbroken over his baby daughter. This time; over life choices (“Mini skirt hidden underneath the raincoat/ Got a profile I didn’t know about on Facebook”). Even when Voli gets a little too serious for his own good, his production soars. When was the last time you heard bongos, Latin guitar and Auto-Tune in the same song?