The Tallest Man On Earth – “1904”

on May 16, 2012


To the person responsible for Kristian Matsson not receiving the memo that, it’s 2012 and high production values are in, God bless you. We want to run to you and kiss your face. Though we’re certain that Mattson, as The Tallest Man on Earth, is aware that his idol, inspiration and oft-cited comparison Bob Dylan went electric, not going electric in 2012 is, in today’s musical climate, as bold and striking as a protest folk-song sung on Capitol Hill.

It’s not just the title–“1904” is a defiant and delicious anachronism of a tune, sticking to the blueprint laid down earlier this year by bands such as Bowerbirds and, more recently, Beach House–the adage that states, “If it ain’t broke, add subtle instrumentation.” Though staying on [musical] course is the kind of stubborn approach that will add fuel to the fire for both fans and haters, changing the opinions of neither, Matsson knows what he’s doing. By being “dated”, he’s actually forward-thinking.