Orca Orca – “Say So”

on April 29, 2012

Orca Orca – Say So

All you have to do is “Say So”, and Jim Hewitt will mail you a hand-painted copy of his music on cassette. (Well, that and fork over $4, but everyone’s gotta eat, right?) Make Live, Hewitt’s first offering as newly minted bedroom project Orca Orca, is a collection of tunes that will no doubt make listeners free associate words like “dreamz”, “beachgazeee” and “California”.

Which is all the more surprising given that Hewitt is actually a resident of Boston, where beaches are freezing this time of year. Surfing out of the question, Hewitt instead turns to young love, drunk driving and everything in-between for inspiration. (Hello, High School!) Unlike his peers, Hewitt eschews a preoccupation with pop culture (Hello, Wavves!) in favor of placing Instagram filters over something that actually happened. Listen and be overcome with a strange sensation–nostalgia.