Low Culture – “Reservations”

on November 7, 2014


Las Cruces, New Mexico– A place you might not have heard of unless you’re a pop-punk dork or really excited about commercial spaceflight. The city is/was home to the Marked Men and Shang-a-Lang, two bands that live on through Low Culture (there’s a guitarist from both bands in this newer band, or maybe it’s the same guitarist from both bands… or is it the drummer? It’s, uh, not exactly clear). “Reservations” is included on a brand-new split 7″ with Needles//Pins, an equally infectious and abrasive act. Low Culture’s new stuff has a more accessible edge to it, but retains the esoteric flair and pop-punk tropes that set this band apart as one to certainly keep an eye on.

Check out the rest of the record at Dirt Nap Records.