KO KO – “Float”

on May 21, 2012


You’re young, but you don’t want to be. You bum cigarettes from your older brother, and are counting down the days until you finally get that driver’s license. You use swear words, a lot, because that’s what adults do. You wonder if you’ll ever fall in love — spending your days blogging about it, dreaming about it and listening to pop songs on the radio about it.

There’s this deep-seated notion in indiedom that any hint of crossover appeal is selling out (i.e., “We Are Young”), but those people are squares. California duo KO KO’s “Float” rises above trends with a smile on its face, landing gently on the ears like MIKA and Kimbra crashing some kid’s birthday party to just, I don’t know, whistle. As our very own Jason Radford puts it in describing Fun.’s sophomore record Some Nights, “the mid-20s persona in you is rolling their eyes, but the fourteen-year-old in yourself is singing along into a hairbrush.”