Joey Bada$$ – “Waves”

on April 24, 2012


Kids these days. What are parents feeding them? 17-year-old Brooklyn rapper Joey Badass (stylized “Bada$$”) boasts a range and sense of lyricism far beyond his years. Against a backdrop of cognac smooth keys and fingerpicked guitar, Joey Bada$$ spits bars that illustrate his daily hustle as a teenage emcee.

Setting Joey Bada$$ apart from his peers is his wit (“no days off… child labor”) and grounded observations (“eating tofu”). Despite his young age, Joey Bada$$ falls more in line thematically with the autobiographical riffs of rappers such as Blu or Fashawn, rather than the shock or gangsta imagery that many of his teenage peers are pushing. That Joey Bada$$ wears his heart on his sleeve only makes him more, well, badass.