Joe Bordenaro – “Loner”

on December 8, 2014


While I generally avoid physical exercise of any kind, I made an exception in this case. Young suburban rocker Joe Bordenaro has put together a fantastic debut EP overflowing with energy, youth, and tasty reverb. Physical Education packs a lot into a concise 10 minutes, but the aesthetic is always clear: fun, lo-fi fuzz rock. However, on “Loner,” the EP’s second track, Bordenaro showcases an expert ear for melody and an impressive sense of musicality that the “fun, lo-fi fuzz rock” branding would not immediately suggest. Feeling winded after headbanging along to the two-minute track, it dawned on me that my old gym teachers were right – I really should have taken my health more seriously.

The rest of Bordenaro’s Physical Education EP can be streamed and downloaded here.