Childish Gambino – “Untitled (We Ain’t Them)”

on May 24, 2012

Untitled (We Ain’t Them)

Depending on who you talk to, Donald Glover could be a number of things. You may know him as Troy from Community, the guy behind 2006’s viral comedy sketch “Bro Rape“, or — most controversially — rapper Childish Gambino. The need for journalists to constantly place Glover in a box must be frustrating.

As many celebrities do, the former 30 Rock writer most recently took his anxieties to Twitter, where he reminisced on what it means to be a successful African-American in 2012. Dozens of tweets later, Glover returns with “Untitled (We Ain’t Them)”, a hip-hop confessional that is probably about as honest as anything the Californian native has released to date. Here, he sits down with ?uestlove and asks, what does it mean to be a hustler? Glover puts wrestling with identity aside briefly to reflect on the example of his grandfather. It’s an eerily mature moment for Glover, signifying that he’s done with Camp. It’s time for the big leagues.