Blackbird Blackbird – “Waikiki”

on April 25, 2012


Today’s impossibly-spelled track comes to us from San Francisco, and it’s the kind of ditty that makes you want to name a genre after it. “Waikiki” is what might happen if one mixed together three minutes of Vampire Weekend, a shot of rum, a shot of coconut rum, two tablespoons of grenadine, a healthy splash (six ounces) of pineapple and orange juices, and some crushed ice. (Yes, we did just spell out a recipe for a Bahama Mama.)

As Blackbird Blackbird, Mikey Maramag certainly knows his way around a sampler. If this song was its own genre, it would definitely be called Beachtronica ™, and by the time you read this, has probably already been commissioned to be featured in commercials advertising a Jamaica vacation. Seriously, listen to the steel drums and the pan flutes. Is it summer already?