Azealia Banks – “Jumanji”

on May 15, 2012


Say what you will about her, Azealia Banks is infinitely more approachable than Nicki Minaj. See, while Queen Nicki transforms into her terrifying “Roman” alter-ego, changes her vocal pitch three times in the same minute and breathes fire, the worst Ms. Banks might do during one of her dizzying raps is drop the C-word (hint: rhymes with “runt”) and tell you jokes when she’s done with the mic.

So how does the Girl-Next-Door-ness translate musically? Thus far, Ms. Banks’ upbringing in theater (it’s true) has served her well — “Jumani” is a tropical playhouse of ideas — colorful, bright and everything that a twentysomething who grew up with ’90s hip-hop should be committing to tape. Did we mention the steel drums? By the time the track is over, you’ll want to be her friend. We know we do.