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WOOM Talks Influences, Performances, Staying Healthy on the Road

written by: on January 25, 2012


WOOM, formerly under the band name Fertile Crescent, are led by Sara Magenheimer on vocals and percussion and Eben Portnoy on guitar. They have toured with such bands as Xiu Xiu  and Deerhoof, and released their album on Ba Da Bing Records in July 2010. The label has also released albums from such artists as Beirut and Sharon Van Etten.

Sara was more than happy to discuss life and music with Pop ‘stache. Her tone and demeanor was darling; her voice cathartic, lovely and inviting.

* * *

Pop ‘stache: Safe word?

Sara Magenheimer: Bologna.

P ‘s: So how did WOOM come about?

SM: Before WOOM, I was in a band, Fertile Crescent. And after meeting and playing with Eben, we became WOOM.

P ‘s: What is your favorite kind of cheese?

SM: I really enjoy those small, perfectly wrapped processed cheeses enveloped in wax. (Babybel) Their texture is really fascinating and the entire process of peeling and eating the delicious cheese is an experience like no other. There is something about the tactile nature, it is like a fetish object … it’s sexy.

P ‘s: Robots Vs. Dinosaurs?

SM: Lately, I’ve been a brontosaurus with my four-year-old friend. So we have been eating leaves from trees and stretching our necks out, it has been a lot of fun. So I am going with dinosaurs.

P ‘s: Strangest venue you’ve ever played?

SM: We don’t have a booking agent, so many of our shows have been pretty strange. One of the upsides is getting to play some interesting shows, one example is a show we played in Oakland, Calif. We made a cave out of paper; at the end of the night we all tore down the house and had a dance party with the paper structure crumbling all around. No one got hurt despite all the potential for paper cuts.

P ‘s: If you had to carry 50 pounds of one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

SM: I would probably carry cotton candy. Light yet delicious.

P ‘s: Any records from childhood that inspired you?

SM: My parents were school teachers, so our music collection was sort of small. But I would have to say Kraftwerk’s Computer Love.

P ‘s: If you were to write a book, what would it be called and what would it be about?

SM: Well, I wrote a book of short stories when I was in school called “Stories to Read In-Transit.” But I do enjoy to write.

P ‘s: You have toured with several bands, namely Pit Er Pat, Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof. How was that?

SM: It is great to play with friends, because you really learn a lot from them, and the experiences that you have differ and add a certain flavor unique from the others. We played with Pit Er Pat in Chicago, and recorded at their house in Los Angeles.

P ‘s: When you go on tour, what is one thing you don’t leave home without?

SM: Well this is not one thing I leave with, but I always get a bag of spinach while on the road. Since it is so difficult to eat healthy, it really comes in handy.

P ‘s: What is the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

SM: Can I tell you good advice? I am paraphrasing my friend Gregg from Deerhoof. He said basically, “As an artist, you should really just show up and it would dissolve all that initial shame you may feel.” So his advice has given me a lot of courage as an artist to just go with that initial creative impulse.

Download two free songs from WOOM, courtesy of Harmon Drive and Ba Da Bing Records.