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Keep Calm and Burn Some Calories

written by: on January 2, 2013

It’s that time of the year again, when nearly half of the American population will resolve to spend more time in the gym, eat better, lose weight and commit to overall better health. As if convincing yourself to exercise isn’t hard enough, finding the right iPod playlist can be a discouraging challenge, especially for non-meatheads. Stereotypical gym music is for the birds —“Eye of the Tiger,” “Firestarter” and anything from Night at the Roxbury soundtrack. Here’s a list of unoffensive but motivating tracks to help those who suffer from “I-ate-too-much-bread-pudding-over-the-holidays-and-now-I-need-to-run-my-extra-roll-off.”


“Bangarang’s” dubstep roots and repetitive hooks make it a good track for getting keyed up for a worthwhile, high-energy exercise session. Not only will it help set the tone for your workout, it can easily help burn about four minutes while warming up on a treadmill.

“Kiss Off”—Violent Femmes

Sometimes, getting into a groove of gym-going can be rough and annoying. There’s nothing like angry music to help shake frustration. The 1980s cult band Violent Femmes are nothing, if not notorious, for angsty and hilarious songs.

“You’re Gonna Say Yeah”—Hush Puppies

Be careful while listening to this one. If running on the treadmill, make sure to hold onto the sidebars; otherwise, when your shoulders start to bob to the beat, you’ll be done for. “You’re Gonna Say Yeah” is so catchy one could dance themselves into a full somersault and fly right off the treadmill.

“Make Up Your Mind”—Here We Go Magic

The mesmerizing drum loop on “Make Up Your Mind” will make even the most painful set of lunges fly by. The peppy beat and jittery crooning flowing through your earbuds will distract you from the soupy pool of sweat collecting across your brow.

“Where’s Your Head At”—Basement Jaxx

No workout is complete without some electronic dance music. If you catch yourself starting to breakdance, immediately grab some weights and start doing bicep curls. Save the dancing for the privacy of your living room.

“Rosa Parks”—OutKast

Just as a successful workout routine should constantly be changed up and evolved, so too should a good gym mix. The sooner a playlist gets old and redundant, the more boring the workout will feel. Tracks like “Rosa Parks” bring a different beat and sound. There energy is still there, but redirected. Shuffle in some folk or hip-hop to keep your playlist interesting.


“Battleflag”—Lo Fidelity Allstars

Here’s a golden oldie. “Battleflag” is a nice complement to the endorphins that will be flowing through your system. Listen to this song toward the end of your workout and you’ll be ready to take on the world.