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13 Popular Country Songs You Might Actually Like

written by: on July 22, 2011

It’s so common for people to hate on the country twang, but these might be an exception for the narrow-minded music lovers out there.


She Wouldn’t Be Gone” – Blake Shelton

Not only does this dude have a notable sense of humor, he’s got a pretty great voice and hot wifey Miranda Lambert. Here’s a masculine take on a harsh breakup.


The World” – Brad Paisley

An honorable statement of appreciation from boy to girl. The metaphors don’t go too deep, but it’s still sweet.


So Small” – Carrie Underwood

You can’t deny the power of her voice, and perhaps the best songwriting ability of her genre.


Wild At Heart” – Gloriana

Perhaps the most indie country group in the business.


Don’t You Wanna Stay” – Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson

Teaming up with pop stars is always a good move for country artists, and this one is no exception. It may repeat the chorus a few too many times, but it’s certainly catchy.



Why Don’t We Just Dance” – Josh Turner

His baritone voice is sexy and he’s not embarrassed about his inability to dance. What’s not to love?


Somebody Like You” – Keith Urban

One of the most successful solo country acts of all time. He always brings together sultry vocals and spicy guitar. He’s not like most other musicians in his field; he carries something new to the table every time. Maybe it’s the Aussie in him.



I Run To You” – Lady Antebellum

This is why they earned Best New Artist last year. They’re pretty close to pop, but when they’re not overplayed, they’re pretty legit.


Boondocks” – Little Big Town

Embracing the rural lifestyle is what this is all about. It’s passionate, too.


Kerosene” – Miranda Lambert

Don’t mess with this girl because she’ll mess you up. She’s talented and always fired up about something. Even when she’s not, she’s making good music anyway.


“Forever And Always” – Taylor Swift

Taylor haters can either back off or expand their minds. Maybe a bit of a guilty pleasure you allow yourself.



“When The Stars Go Blue” – Tim McGraw

A grown-up relationship song full of joy and sincerity. Paints a pretty picture, too. God love ya, Tim McGraw.


“That Should Be Me” – Justin Bieber feat. Rascal Flatts

Even Rascal Flatts have caught Bieber fever. It’s unclear whether they make Justin’s song more adult, or whether he brings them down to an annoying teen level. Either way, it’s an interesting combination.