The Spin Light – Deja Entendu Turns 10

written by: Tyler Remmert on June 12, 2013

Brand New felt like growing up, so it did. Less than two years after its pop-punk debut Your Favorite Weapon declared the Long Island quartet simultaneously juvenile and well-cultured in the art of the plucky, well-intentioned cuckold, here was an astronaut on a barren landscape, barely casting a shadow. Deja Entendu was an aggressive move […]

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Nostalgic for Vintage Maroon 5

written by: Jason Radford on July 25, 2012

Songs About Jane was 2004’s album to be loved and shared and sung to ravenously. It was Maroon 5 before singer Adam Levine stamped his name after “ft.” on song after song. It was the thrill of “Harder To Breathe,”  “She Will Be Loved” and the infectious “This Love.” It was a little known band […]

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Of Blues and Blackbirds

written by: Kim Manning on July 24, 2012

Whitmore swaps out his usual alt-country twinge for blues overtones, with respectable results.

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Robert Smith’s Magnum Opus: Disintegration

written by: Ian Dick Jones on July 13, 2012

“Sometimes you make me feel like I’m living at the edge of the world” Smith says to you, and bam, you’re in another universe for the next 70 minutes of Disintegration.

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From Beatle to Ram: McCartney’s Inner Animal Gets Unleashed Again

written by: Alex Bahler on July 6, 2012

The jaunty cry sounds like “piss off, yeah,” or possibly “kiss-off, hey!” Either would be appropriate. That’s Paul McCartney on “Too Many People,” the opening song on his first classic album without the Beatles. It was this period where he was smeared by critics and derided by his famous former songwriting partner.  This debut for  McCartney […]

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