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Four More Years!

written by: on November 8, 2014

Times, they are a-changin’, and Pop ’stache has seen some big revisions in the last year. Our glorious editor (and noted mustache enthusiast), Becca James, has stepped down from her post to focus on her fancy job at The A.V. Club, and I’ve humbly tried to fill some pretty big shoes. Meanwhile, Libby Buck fabulously stepped into the role of reviews editor, and Rick Homuth is now at the helm of our MP3s, keeping our mixtape game tight, while the rest of the gang continues to do excellent work in their positions.

But even in this whirlwind of change, there’s one thing that constantly drives us: our dedication to growing your music.

For four years, the endlessly hardworking writers, photographers, illustrators, and general supporters at Pop ’stache have strived to show you, our readers, the bands we’re passionate about, the songs we can’t get out of our heads, and the individuals who make the music happen.

So let’s give a happy fourth birthday to the little music blog that could! (Hey, any excuse to get drunk, right?) As we celebrate our four years of existence, we look forward to many future years of fun and open, non-pretentious music coverage—and we hope you’ll join us.