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Happy Birthday, Darling

written by: on November 10, 2013

All great mustaches start as stubble—even Dali had to start somewhere—and Pop ‘stache was just a slight five-o’-clock shadow in 2010, when it was created by a handful of art school students, but this Friday, November 8, 2013 Pop ‘stache turned three.

Throughout the years, it has grown, and flourished, and jump started the careers of some of Chicago’s most promising journalists.

And all that has come from the hands of dedicated, talented individuals for whom music is an integral part of life.

Personally, I’ve only been around for one year, but hey, one out of three is nothing to sneeze at. Last year, I was the intern, learning the ropes from Becca, our impossibly hard-working editor-in-chief, and Ciara, our lovely and dedicated managing editor. I couldn’t be happier that Becca later asked me to take on the position of reviews editor—for a grammar/music nerd like myself, it was perfect.

But the real treat is getting to work with these people. Pop ‘stache is a labor of love, fueled by creatives who eat, sleep, and breathe music, immersing themselves in that world, even if it means fulfilling deadlines on top of a day job.

And what better world to dive into than the Chicago music scene? Tucked into the corners of this, the most down-to-earth of big cities, is a thriving community of talented artists.

Pop ‘stache is here to bring that music scene to you, and have a kick-ass time in the process. So happy third birthday to the best (speaking totally objectively, here), most awesome music blog this side of the Mississippi. So thank you to our readers for keeping us going, we love you very, very, very,very, very, very, very much.

Pop 'stache family Staff shenanigans at Delish Diner on 11/8/13.