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Lady Gaga leaks video for “You and I”

written by: on August 16, 2011

There’s been plenty of hype around Lady Gaga’s new video for “You and I” (off her latest Born This Way) being leaked before it’s official release date on Thursday. So, it’s no surprise that the video was leaked on Perez Hilton earlier today. You can bet that it was done deliberately to get the blogosphere hyped. At the time I started writing this post, there was only 302 views of the video on Youtube (anyone know what the significance is since it’s not updating?) We’ll see how high that climbs by the end of the day. Smart marketing no doubt.

Do you think Gaga decided to write a song about Nebraska becuase of weak album/touring sales in the Midwest? If I had the time I would do some investigating but it feels forced.

That brings us to the video itself, which would feel right at home on CMT. Shit, maybe it’ll end up there, I mean she proclaims her love for Nebraska and there’s cornfields throughout. As always, it’s shot very well. So whaddya think, does this Gaga video get you all hot and bothered?