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Dan Deacon portrait

Dan Deacon scoring Coppola film

written by: on January 13, 2011

I’m usually watching Willow on mute and listening to Bromst. But now I get the chance to watch Val Kilmer on screen with a real life score by Dan Deacon. Finally!

Kilmer will be starring in the upcoming Francis Ford Coppola flick Twixt Now and Sunrise. Deacon recently said that he is trying to do more artisticly-minded work, utilizing his degree in music composition. In addition to his film scoring, he has written and will be performing a piece with the percussion group So Percussion next week. On top of that (!!) Deacon and Coppola are “collaborating on a larger level, details of which will be announced soon.” So good for him, utilizing his college degree in a compelling and rewarding way. Soon, we may all be so lucky.