NZCA/LINES - Airlock album cover

NZCA/LINES – “Airlock”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 14, 2012

Airlock NZCA/LINES’ new track “Airlock” could be described as Bon Iver meets Passion Pit — two levels of soulfulness, a sexy falsetto, and layers of smooth dance-ready synthesizers. Yeah, it’s as amazing as it sounds. “Airlock” is the first single from NZCA/LINES sophomore album, which will release sometime in 2013. The artist’s self-titled debut released this past February.

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Halls - Ark album cover

Halls – “Roses for the Dead”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 13, 2012

Roses for the Dead South London artist Halls, a.k.a. Sam Howard, will release his new album, Ark, October 15th. The beat on the  latest track released from the album, “Roses for the Dead,” sounds like it was greatly inspired by Thom Yorke’s current style. Waves of ominous orchestral and organ noises swell in the distance as a glitchy […]

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Buddy - Far As They Know album cover

Buddy – “Far As They Know” ft. Pharrell

written by: Tom Crawford on September 12, 2012

Far As They Know ft. Pharrell Pharrell’s young apprentice and i am OTHER signee, Buddy, is currently prepping his debut mixtape, Idle Time. A release date has not yet been announced. However, Buddy released a new track called “Far As They Know,” which features Pharrell and gives us a good taste of what’s in store. The track is all […]

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Kopecky Family Band - Kids Raising Kids album cover

Kopecky Family Band – “Heartbeat”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 11, 2012

Heartbeat Since 2007, Nashville folk-rockers Kopecky Family Band has released three EPs, amongst an almost endless tour, and is finally ready to release its full-length debut, Kids Raising Kids, on October 23rd. Kelsey Kopecky, the group’s leader, says of it’s new single, “‘Heartbeat’ is a fun and lighthearted love song that was born on the out of tune piano in my living […]

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How to Dress Well - Total Loss album cover

How to Dress Well – “& It Was U”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 7, 2012

& It Was U Tom Krell, a.k.a. How to Dress Well, will release his much-talked-about sophomore album Total Loss on September 18th. The most recent track released from the album, “& It Was U,” will get stuck in your head immediately. Stripped down to a finger snap, kick drum and Krell’s ethereal vocals, it’s pop perfection. 90’s R&B has never sounded […]

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PAWS - Cokefloat! album cover

PAWS – “Miss American Bookworm”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 6, 2012

Miss American Bookworm Glasgow band PAWS signed to Fat Cat records and in celebration, the group is giving away its new single, “Miss American Bookworm” — an ode to youth, angst and 90’s punk rock. If you like Japandroids, this will definitely be a treat. PAWS will release it’s debut album, Cokefloat!, on October 9th.

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U.S. Girls - GEM album cover

U.S. Girls – “Jack”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 5, 2012

Jack “Jack” is a song written and originally recorded by Brock Robinson in 1991, about dreaming he was Jack the Ripper. A raw, glammed-out cover of the track was recently released by U.S. Girls, and will be featured on the project’s upcoming album, GEM. GEM will release October 23rd.

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The Kings Dead - Jerusalem album cover

The Kings Dead – “Hennessy At Cookouts”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 4, 2012

Hennessy At Cookouts The Kings Dead is a new project from Boston hip-hop crew The Dean’s List — “an expanded platform to include film and video.” It’s unclear whether or not The Dean’s List has changed its name to The Kings Dead, but, as of now, all signs (album artwork, Facebook, website) point to yes. Under its new […]

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Young Rival - Stay Young album cover

Young Rival – “Black Is Good”

written by: Tom Crawford on August 31, 2012

Black Is Good Similar to the band Jaill, Young Rival combines garage punk with a little 60’s surf rock. “Black Is Good” is the group’s latest single released of it’s upcoming album, Stay Young. Stay Young will release October 23rd.

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California Wives - Art History album cover

California Wives – “Purple”

written by: Tom Crawford on August 30, 2012

Purple California Wives, the Chicago-based new wave quartet, is just about ready to release its debut album, Art History, on September 4th. Vagrant Records, the group’s new label, will be releasing it. If you haven’t heard California Wives’ music before, the group seems to draw its inspiration from 80’s and 90’s alternative. There is a certain melancholic […]

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Dominic Lord - Old English album cover

Dominic Lord – “Old English”

written by: Tom Crawford on August 28, 2012

Old English Since the release of his first single back in June, Former A$AP member Dominic Lord is starting to blow up a little bit in the indie hip hop scene. His latest track “Old English” is only his second released. On September 7th, he will release his debut EP, Fashion Show. If you’re familiar with the A$AP […]

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Dum Dum Girls - End Of Daze album cover

Dum Dum Girls – “Lord Knows”

written by: Tom Crawford on August 27, 2012

Lord Knows “Lord Knows” is the first song released off Dum Dum Girls’ upcoming EP, End of Daze. Dee Dee, the group’s frontwoman, continues to grow as a songwriter, expressing emotions with simple (relatable) words and soaring melodies. End of Daze will release September 25th.

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