SW/MM/NG - Feel Not Bad (Demo) album cover

SW/MM/NG – “Some Dreams Come True”

written by: Tom Crawford on October 9, 2012

Some Dreams Come True “Some Dreams Come True” is a feel-good, dance inducing track by Arkansas-based group SW/MM/NG. If you’re one of the few who have not been sedated by the changing seasons, this track is for you. “Some dreams they come true, and when they do you’ll be smiling,” frontman Brian Kupillas sings in the song. Grab […]

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Yellow Ostrich - Ghost album cover

Yellow Ostrich – “Ghost”

written by: Tom Crawford on October 8, 2012

Ghost Earlier this year, Brooklyn via Wisconsin band Yellow Ostrich released its album Strange Land. Pop’stache rated the album 4 out of 5 ‘staches, calling it an “eclectic indie pop wonder.” A new EP, Ghost, will be released October 23rd. The EP’s first single and title-track takes the band in a slightly new direction, laying heavy […]

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Rainy Milo - Limey album cover

Rainy Milo – “This Thing of Ours”

written by: Tom Crawford on October 4, 2012

This Thing of Ours Wow, this is wonderful. Rainy Milo, London-based R&B singer, has been making music since she was 14 years old, working on collaborations with other local artists. After releasing her first track, “Bout You,” Milo actually decided to turn down multiple recording contracts so she could freely express herself without being influenced by […]

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ZZ Ward - Til The Casket Drops album cover

ZZ Ward – “Cryin’ Wolf” ft. Kendrick Lamar

written by: Tom Crawford on October 3, 2012

Cryin’ Wolf ft. Kendrick Lamar Crossover artists walk a narrow line. One wrong step and they risk alienating some or all of their fans. ZZ Ward, an up-and-coming blues and soul singer out of Compton, will be walking that line in the very near future. It will be hard for both indie and pop consumers […]

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Dude York - The Lake album cover

Dude York – “The Lake”

written by: Tom Crawford on October 1, 2012

The Lake Dude York is a young Seattle-based garage pop trio. “The Lake” is the title track from its new EP, which released September 25th. If this is a taste of what is to come, which it “may or may not be” according to the group, we have a lot to look forward to. The group’s […]

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Madison LST - Give Me The World album cover

Madison|LST – “Give Me The World”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 28, 2012

Give Me The World New York City born, Los Angeles raised rapper/model Madison Stewart, a.k.a. LST, is a young artist you will want to keep an eye on, at least if he stays on the path his first two tracks are taking him. His newest single “Give Me The World” is a synth-heavy track about living it up […]

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Born Gold - Sky Bicycle album cover

Born Gold – “Sky Bicycle”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 27, 2012

Sky Bicycle One of the first MP3s posted on Pop’stache was GOBBLE GOBBLE’s track “Wrinklecarver.” Now, two months away from being two years later, GOBBLE GOBBLE (Cecil Frena) goes by Born Gold and on October 23rd will release a sophomore album, Sleepwalker. The song “Sky Bicycle” is the album’s first single.

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A.C. Newman - Shut Down The Streets album cover

A.C. Newman – “Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 25, 2012

Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns The New Pornographers’ frontman A.C. Newman will release his third solo album, Shut Down The Streets, October 9th. Newman’s new, dexterously titled track “Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns” features fellow New Pornographer Neko Case on backing vocals. It’s a classic indie pop-rock track, featuring bouncing guitars and 70’s-like male/female vocal harmonies.

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Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams album cover

Lord Huron – “Time to Run”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 24, 2012

Time to Run After releasing two EPs as a solo artist, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Ben Schneider chose to expand his Lord Huron project into a five-piece group to record and tour for its debut album, Lonesome Dreams. “Time to Run” is the first single taken from the album. It’s a jangly and upbeat folk song about, “the foolish […]

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Diplo - About That Life album cover

Diplo – “About That Life” ft. Jahan Lennon

written by: Tom Crawford on September 21, 2012

About That Life ft. Jahan Lennon It has been eight years since Diplo last released a solo album, Florida back in 2004. Alright, now it’s time to get excited. Yesterday, “About That Life” dropped, his new single. It features Jahan Lennon from the now-defunct PO PO and is all kinds of psychedelic-pop goodness. Diplo calls it “psychedelic […]

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Plastic Plates - Things I Didn't Know I Loved album cover

Plastic Plates – “More Than Love”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 19, 2012

More Than Love “The track ‘More Than Love’ is the first original I finished after doing a slew of remixes. Most of my remixes are vocal-heavy,” says Sydney-born, Los Angeles-based artist/DJ Felix Bloxsom (aka Plastic Plates), “this song was refreshing for me […] essentially being an instrumental.” You can find the song on Plastic Plates’ debut EP, Things I Didn’t […]

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Santah - You're Still A Lover album cover

Santah – “Indigo”

written by: Tom Crawford on September 18, 2012

Indigo Chicago band Santah will release it’s new EP You’re Still a Lover on October 16th. The EP is a follow up to the group’s debut album White Noise Bed. The EP’s first single “Indigo,” despite its upbeat vibe, is about a lost and irrecoverable love — “a dark wedding march about watching the person you love walk down the aisle with […]

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