Royal Bangs - Flux Outside album cover

Royal Bangs – “Grass Helmet”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 18, 2011

Grass Helmet “Grass Helmet” is the opening track on Royal Bangs’ latest album Flux Outside, released March 29th. The chorus is so catchy. Go ahead and sing along.

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Memory Tapes - Today Is Our Life album cover

Memory Tapes – “Today Is Our Life”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 15, 2011

Today Is Our Life What’s most impressive about “Today Is Our Life” is Memory Tapes’ ability to seamlessly shift instrumentation and direction. Player Piano will drop 7/4.  

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Other Lives – “For 12”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 14, 2011

For 12 On May 17th, Other Lives will be releasing their new album, Tamer Animals. Driven by its emotional strings, “For 12” is a perfect example of what to expect.

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Apparat – “Ash/Black Veil”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 13, 2011

Ash/Black Veil When Apparat’s “Ash/Black Veil” hits your ears, it’s clear you’re in for an adventure. Get lost in the sound, because wherever it takes you will be incredible.

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Balkans – “Troubled And Done”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 12, 2011

Troubled and Done “Troubled And Done,” Balkans’ latest single, is a garage rock jam built around the group’s Strokes-esque guitar. Their self-titled album will be out May 10th.

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Gardens And Villa – “Black Hills”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 11, 2011

Black Hills Gardens And Villa recently released their Richard Swift-produced single, Black Hills/Orange Blossom. It’s laid-back fun, like road tripping through the Dakotas.

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Slowdance - Spell album cover

Slowdance – “Spell”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 8, 2011

Spell Slowdance’s “Spell” mixes classic country rock style verses with a wonderful upbeat indie chorus. No album is in the works, but we can expect to hear more soon.

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We Are Augustines – “Chapel Song”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 7, 2011

Chapel Song We Are Augustines is comprised of Bill McCarthy and Eric Sanderson. The duos old group, Pela, is very reminiscent in “Chapel Song”, mainly because the vocals.

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Low – “Especially Me”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 6, 2011

Especially Me Low’s “Especially Me” subtly grabs your attention. Framed by simple but driving instrumentation, Mimi Parker’s classic vocals easily standout. C’mon drops 4/12.

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Gypsy Blood – “Take Your Picture”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 5, 2011

Take Your Picture “Take Your Picture” is an all-in-one idea of what Gypsyblood explores on the rest of their album, Cold in the Guestway. It’s a lo-fi blend of multiple genres.

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Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross – “Blacks”

written by: Tom Crawford on April 1, 2011

Blacks Under the name Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross, Dexter Tortoriello, of Houses, is readying his debut solo EP, Blow. Our first taste of his new project is “Blacks”.

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Voxhaul Broadcast – “Leaving On The 5th”

written by: Tom Crawford on March 31, 2011

Leaving on the 5th David Dennis’s raw, laid-back vocals on Voxhaul Broadcast’s “Leaving On The 5th” grab your attention first. A love song that’s carefree and angsty at the same time.

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