Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs Album Cover
Reptar - 7" album cover

Reptar – “Houseboat Babies”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 3, 2011

Houseboat Babies Reptar’s style is always transforming, but one thing stays the same: they want you to dance. Their single “Houseboat Babies” is 90s pop meets electro afro-beat.

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League - Golden Maps album cover

League – “Golden Maps”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 2, 2011

Golden Maps League is back with a new song called “Golden Maps.” It’s reminiscent of early Klaxons, but lighter and based more around synth. There’s still no word of an album.

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Shark? - True Waste album cover

Shark? – “Shark?”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 31, 2011

Shark? If Interpol had a baby that was a surfer, who then started a rock group; that rock group would be Shark?. Their song “Shark?” is off their new album, True Waste.

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Michael Kiwanuka - Tell Me A Tale EP album cover

Michael Kiwanuka – “I Need Your Company”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 30, 2011

I Need Your Company Michael Kiwanuka’s soulful “I need Your Company” and it’s surrounding EP, Tell me a Tale, are a testament to taking a classic sound and making it work today.

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Bon Iver - Bon Iver album cover

Bon Iver – “Calgary”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 27, 2011

Calgary “Calgary” is our first peek into Bon Iver’s upcoming self-titled LP. It’s lightly layered throughout, giving Justin Vernon’s angelic vocals room to breath.

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Chiddy Bang - Peanut Butter and Swelly album cover

Chiddy Bang – “Guinness Flow”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 26, 2011

Guinness Flow After grabbing the world record for longest freestyle, Chiddy decided to give us “Guiness Flow,” the commemorative track. Their Peanut Butter and Swelly mixtape drops Friday.

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Lost Lander - DRRT album cover

Lost Lander – “Cold Feet”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 25, 2011

Cold Feet “Cold Feet” is the first song released from Lost Lander’s debut album DRRT. Ambiance fills the tune and surrounds it’s folk rock vocals and pulsating drums.

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Hooray For Earth - True Loves album cover

Hooray For Earth – “No Love”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 24, 2011

No Love Yay, Hooray For Earth! “No Love” is blowing our minds with it’s incredible wall of synths and catchy vocals. True Loves LP is dropping June 7th. We can’t wait!

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Handsome Furs - Sound Kapital album art

Handsome Furs – “Repatriated”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 23, 2011

Repatriated Handsome Furs’ “Repatriated” is 80’s anthem fire, like if “Born In The U.S.A.” was made today. Vocally, Dan Boeckner must be channeling The Boss a little bit.

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Radical Dads - Mega Rama album cover

Radical Dads – “Walking Wires”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 20, 2011

Walking Wires It’s clear Radical Dads have a true passion for making music. Before releasing Mega Rama in June, they’re giving us another free single, “Walking Wires.”

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Ty Segall - Goodbye Bread album cover

Ty Segall – “You Make the Sun Fry”

written by: Tom Crawford on May 19, 2011

You Make the Sun Fry Ty Segall brings some good old rock and roll with “You Make the Sun Fry.” The hound dog in the artwork for their new album Goodbye Bread is definitely fitting.

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