Apparat - Black Water album cover

Apparat – “Black Water”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 21, 2011

Black Water Building until it’s climax at around the 2:54 mark, Apparat’s “Black Water” is filled with layers of fuzzy synth and warm harmonizing vocals. His album, The Devil’s Walk, drops 9/25.

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Brontosaurus - Cold Comes To Claim album cover

Brontosaurus – “Beware”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 20, 2011

Beware Brontosaurus has a unique style, dramatic to say the least. With complex melodies and rhythms, their song “Beware” could be described as indie classical-pop.

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Bleached - Carter 7" album cover

Bleached – “Think of You”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 20, 2011

Think of You Sisters, Jessica and Jennifer Clavin, make up the punk duo Bleached. Their single “Think of You” is about falling in love and the risks of saying “I Love You.”

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Digital Leather - Infinite Sun album cover

Digital Leather – “Sea Of Hate”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 17, 2011

Sea Of Hate “Sea Of Hate” just sounds dirty. Deep fuzzed out synth and guitar back Shawn Foree’s shout-like vocals. Digital Leather’s album, Infinite Sun, releases 6/21.

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Pepper Rabbit - Red Velvet Snow Ball album cover

Pepper Rabbit – “Rose Mary Stretch”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 16, 2011

Rose Mary Stretch Pepper Rabbit are prepping their new album, Red Velvet Snow Ball. Don’t expect a sophomore slump. The first single, “Rose Mary Stretch,” shows a lot of growth.

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Gross Magic - Teen Jamz album cover

Gross Magic – “Sweetest Touch”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 15, 2011

Sweetest Touch Influenced by Nirvana and Beck, Gross Magic’s song “Sweetest Touch” and upcoming EP, Teen Jamz, have a clear 90s grunge vibe going on. The EP will drop 8/3.

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Kanye West - Mama's Boyfriend album cover

Kanye West – “Mama’s Boyfriend”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 14, 2011

Mama’s Boy Friend We’ve been waiting for “Mama’s Boyfriend” to show up in MP3 form since Kanye West re-emerged at the Facebook HQ, gearing for world domination. What’s next, Ye?

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Ennui - Formation of Tides album cover

Ennui – “Coconino”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 13, 2011

Coconino The synth heavy, 1950’s vibing “Coconino” is off Ennui’s debut album, Formation of Tides. The group compares to a hazier Ra Ra Riot. Their album is out now.

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Blood Diamonds - Grins album cover

Blood Diamonds – “Grins”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 10, 2011

Grins Next month, Blood Diamonds will be releasing his Grins/Move the Stars 7″. “Grins” is the single’s A-side. The song’s superb production is haunting and ethereal.

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Danny! - Where Is Danny? album cover
BOBBY - Bobby album cover

BOBBY – “Ginger (Water Birth)”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 8, 2011

Ginger (Water Birth) These cats in BOBBY are one cool group of artists. Their songs are intricately crafted yet manage to sound carefree. Bobby, their self-titled album, drops 6/21.

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Shadows On The Stars - Now You're Mine album cover

Shadows On Stars – “Now You’re Mine”

written by: Tom Crawford on June 7, 2011

Now You’re Mine Shadows On Stars are from Portland. This is all we really know. Their first song released, “Now You’re Mine,” is indie pop perfection. More info will come soon. Our buddy Confusion over at Pigeons and Planes promises to keep us updated.

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