Adam Remnant: Redeeming a Dream

written by: Taylor Cowan on August 5, 2013

With no physical record and no plans for studio time until potentially the fall, for now, Remnant’s is truly folk music.

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Can It Be Done?: Jazz a Day Job Supreme

written by: Taylor Cowan on September 5, 2012

Can culturally defunct genres like classical and jazz be made relevant again? Is it possible to build an audience? The answer is inseparable from the trajectory of the music industry itself.

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Don’t Call Them Cute

written by: Taylor Cowan on August 20, 2012

Introducing a Lawrence, Kansas band with a penchant for regional rock, paper, scissors.

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Reptar at Metro on May 12, 2012

written by: Taylor Cowan on May 30, 2012

Given the matchup and the crowd, Reptar put on a beguiling solar surfer of a show, with no less energy than a supernova.

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