Radiator Hospital – “Our Song”

written by: Rick Homuth on September 4, 2013

Our Song By way of diverse instrumentation and vocals that sound like vegan s’mores, Radiator Hospital does cutesy pop-punk with powerful variation. The Grand Rapids DIY quartet’s latest release, “Something Wild,” is a collection of painfully-relatable songs about love and its inevitable side effects, each fluctuating in emotion and saccharine intensity. The album can be […]

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Brilliant Beast - "A Child on Fire"

Brilliant Beast – “A Child on Fire”

written by: Rick Homuth on September 3, 2013

A Child on Fire With dreamy melodies and guitar riffs you could slice with a knife, Brilliant Beast is twinkly, triumphant, and a lot of stuff in between. “A Child on Fire” is the kind of bemusing song that will lull your eyes shut just as quickly as it will jolt them back open. It’s […]

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album art - the petticoat tearoom

The Petticoat Tearoom – “Love Isn’t Gone”

written by: Rick Homuth on August 5, 2013

Love Isn’t Gone Fall not coming soon enough? Still haven’t found an A.C. unit for your sweaty apartment? The Petticoat Tearoom have some mountain jams to ease your estival blues. They’re not your standard banjo-wielding hipsters, either– the songs on their latest album “Love Isn’t Gone” are packed with seamless instrumental talent. So press play, […]

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Braid/Balance and Composure Split Artwork

Braid – “Many Enemies”

written by: Rick Homuth on July 31, 2013

Many Enemies “Many Enemies” might be the best new Braid track since 1999.  Though that isn’t saying too much– the Illinois emo powerhouse has only released a two-part anthology of past works, a cringe-inducing four-song EP, and a split 7″ with adolescent contemporaries Balance and Composure on which the song appears– it’s a testament to […]

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HABITS - Toymakr

HABITS – “Toymakr”

written by: Rick Homuth on July 19, 2013

Toymakr Los Angeles DJ and electronic artist Dustin Krapes, under the guise HABITS, cranked out this little digital-post-punk number with the help of Stab City’s rhythm section (a similarly strange three-piece L.A. “vomitcore” band). The live drum and bass parts provide the foundation for eclectic synth melodies that culminate in smooth yet complex summer track […]

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My Dad – “Tom Waits For No Man”

written by: Rick Homuth on July 2, 2013

Tom Waits For No Man The music of My Dad is a viscous blend of creativity and energy, undistilled. The band’s members– two or three drummers (depending on the day), a dynamic bass position, and guitarist/vocalist Dave Collis in the lead– are all weathered performers from some outlet of the Chicago sound. The mix brings […]

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Felix & Lyons - "Something Between Us" album art

Felix & Lyons – “N. Bethesda”

written by: Rick Homuth on June 26, 2013

N. Bethesda The music created by Felix & Lyons couldn’t be as successful without guitarist Christian Felix’s unique baritone drawl. “N. Bethesda” proves how compelling minimalist folk can be when all aspects blend together so seamlessly. The Chicago-based duo released their album “Something Between Us” in September of last year.

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